Save 50% or More vs. Traditional Method

√ The average job costs thousands less using our Trenchless Technology! Avoid having to take out a 2nd mortgage on your home, forego your family vacation, or not get that new car or boat you've been dreaming about—just to repair your clogged or damaged sewer or water line. We can save you a lot of money!

Twice as Fast vs. Traditional Method

√ A complete solution using our Trenchless Technology can be finished in as little as 2 days! The traditional method can take up to a week or longer, and requires 3x the number of inspections (which means more delays) before the job can be completed. Typically, we can have the job completely finished using our Trenchless Technology in the time it would have otherwise taken just to dig the trench. We can simply get your problem fixed a lot faster!

Minimally-Invasive vs. Traditional Method

√ Virtually no disturbance to your landscaping, driveway, sidewalk or street using our Trenchless Technology. Avoid having to: get additional special permits, shut down your street, dig up your beautiful yard, driveway, sidewalk, and road—which all would have to be re-paved. We can help you avoid all of that unnecessary time, expense, and pain!

Trenchless Pipe-Lining & Rehabilitation

How it Works

This process is used to rehabilitate clogged or broken sewer lines. Once the clogged sewer line is cleaned, it is inspected and recorded with our video system. Then, we measure the pipe liner material, and cut it to length at the jobsite. A vacuum pump is attached to eliminate any trapped air and also to make the wet out process easier.

Then, a two-part, styrene-free resin is measured, mixed, and poured into the liner. The liner is then wet out and wound into the inversion drum of our lining system. The liner is inverted into the pipe, allowing the epoxy resin to bond and seal with the pipe and create a permanent continuous rehabilitated line without joints.


We can service sewer pipelines in diameters from 4” to 8” in less than a day—without digging up your yard or street!

The "true" inversion method our system uses allows us to negotiate 22’s, 45’s and sweeping 90’s with ease. Our liner material allows our installers to line through 4” - 6” transitions without changing the structural properties of the liner.

The liner materials we use are the only ones that have a reinforced scrim to eliminate stretch during the inversion process. The reinforcement scrim (patent pending) allows the liner to invert smoothly through the existing pipeline while preventing the liner from stretching. Our installers are able to line an existing pipeline without inverting into city sewer mains.

Trenchless Pipe-Bursting & Replacement

How it Works

On a typical jobsite, our trenchless pipe-bursting equipment is setup at the house or alternately in the basement or at a cleanout. The burst head is then pulled through the existing pipe, while simultaneously pulling in a new replacement pipe behind it.

Different from our trenchless sewer pipe lining process, our trenchless pipe-bursting system enables us to install a completely new HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) pipe for either sewer or water lines of the same size or even a larger size. Plus, just like our trenchless pipe-lining process, our trenchless pipe-bursting system also only needs a small excavated access area, which reduces the amount of excavation and associated surface disruption—resulting in an environmentally friendly project.

It's simply the “cleanest”, fastest, and most cost-effective way to completely replace an old clogged and/or damaged sewer or water line.

About Us

Founded in 1991—we've been around a long time.

We've been providing quality, cost-effective waterproofing and drainage solutions in the Pacific Northwest for well over two decades. And we continue to operate today with the same core values we established in our humble beginnings: Quality, Honesty, Integrity & Reliability.

Our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective solution that effectively solves your specific problem. All of our work is designed and constructed with the highest degree of expertise and quality workmanship. Our crews have many years of experience, and we have invested in the latest trenchless technology and equipment in order to do the best job possible with the least impact to your property and daily routine.

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on being prompt and reliable, and we continually strive to provide all of our customers with the personal attention they deserve. You can be sure that once we start on your project, we'll stay working on it until the job is finished and you are satisfied.

We look forward to an opportunity to provide you with an exceptional solution—one that solves the problem for good, and gives you complete peace-of-mind knowing that the job has been done the right way.

Thank you,

Paul Korenovsky, Owner

Paul Korenovsky, Owner